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2022 Australia Day Picnic

A great start to the year for Triumphs. A leisurely cruise out to Corin Forest Picnic ground to meet a great display of our marque.

I arrived a little early and decided to continue up the road to the dam and as I pulled out of the carpark, Allan C passed doing the same thing and the Lloyds arrived at the dam shortly after.

A bit foggy to start with, but cleared quickly to be a very enjoyable day for a picnic. Lots of stories and conversation with good friends. Looking forward to the next get together.

By Ian

Australia Day 2022 - 1.jpg
Australia Day 2022 - 2.jpg
Australia Day 2022 - 3.jpg
Australia Day 2022 - 4.jpg
Australia Day 2022 - 5.jpg
Australia Day 2022 - 6.jpg
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