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Those Magnificent Men and Women and Their Flying Machines (and a few Triumphs) - 21 January 2023

Saturday January 21st saw members respond to John Armarego’s invitation to attend The Scale Aviators flying weekend south of Tharwa.

On the day Daryl and Katie, Jan and Chris, Rick , Diane and extended family attended in modern cars, whilst Ruth and Horst turned up in one not so modern. Triumphs were: Trevor and Betsy, 2500TC, Allan Caldwell TR4a, Graeme Howieson and Peter, Stag and Jenny and Jack, TR3a.

The aircraft ranged from small electric powered racers (amazingly fast) to John Armarego’s ¼ scale Sopwith Pup. The detail and engineering on the various machines was impressive, and the variety also ranged from pre WW1 to aircraft currently in use.

Apart from the skill shown piloting the machines in their various stunts, (rolls, turns, loops, touch and go and slow pass etc. etc.) the highlight was Roger the parachutist released from 1000ft and enjoying a fully controlled descent. The field and facilities were also a credit to the group, all of which amounted to a great day out for us.

By Jack Gault

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