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The Triumph Car Club of the ACT Inc. was formed in July 1992 by a few enthusiasts and since then has grown into a membership of over 80 and there are approximately 100 Triumph vehicles on the road.  Our members come from all walks of life, a binding trait being their interest in Triumph vehicles of all ages and types. 

The objectives of the Club are:

· To promote and maintain the Triumph marque,

· To promote a more responsible attitude towards driving,

· To promote better technical understanding and assist others in the maintenance of Triumph vehicles,

· To conduct social and other activities for the benefit of all members,

· To interact with other Triumph car clubs.

Membership is open to all persons having an interest in [ or developing an interest in ] Triumph vehicles.

Ownership of a Triumph is not required but we welcome anyone with a Triumph, regardless of the model or the year of manufacture.  We can provide assistance for those who are looking for a Triumph, as there is lot of corporate  knowledge of all models within the membership ranks.

If you are consider joining us, please contact us using the Contact button below and we will provide all the information required.  Our membership runs from 1 July and we provide a pro-rata fee  after 1 January.

The Club usually has an outing once a month and the club’s BBQ trailer is always in attendance!  In addition, for the retired folk, we also run a mid-week lunch run at the end of each month in order to keep the cobwebs clear from both the cars and their owners.

For the last eleven years we have had an annual get together with our friends of the Triumph Car Club of Victoria, involving a few days somewhere south of Canberra.  In 2017 the club will host the event in Cootamundra, NSW.

We are more of a social club rather than a competitive club.

We are affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs, enabling financial members  access to the ACT Concessional Registration scheme for their vehicles.  This scheme is limited to Vehicle over 30 years old and has usage limitations like all States but is very popular in the Territory.

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