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Mid-week Lunch Run - Fedra Olive Grove - 15 November 2023

Daryl together with Barry Hamilton had suggested a mid-week run to the Collector Fedra Olive Grove. Anthony and I discussed timings and advertising, the result was a great day out.

A group of 20 members assembled at EPIC (photo 1) for the drive up the highway to Collector, upon our arrival Barry became our tour guide and host, parking was initially up next to the Olive processing building.

Barry led us through the processing system for the olives (photo 2) and after a Q&A session, tasting and purchasing of the various oils followed (photo 3).

Relocating the Triumphs for a photo op (photo 4) was followed by lunch at the Café (photo 5), a good range of food was available, and our noisy group had a separate room adjoining the café to enjoy our food and a chat.

Attendees, Barry, Jan & Chris, Diane & Rick, Susan & Anthony, Paul, Jaqueline & Rose, Mike, Lyndon, Bernie, Melanie & Ian, Gillian & Daryl, Allan, and Jenny & Jack.

A good day out, our thanks particularly to Barry for his hosting, and to all who came along.

By Jack Gault

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