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Mid-week Lunch Run – Daughters at Hall 23 February 2022

Wow, what a pleasant way to spend a few hours during the middle of a working week.

That’s right, our club convenes on a monthly basis at various venues across the local and nearby regional towns.  For February a group of us travelled out to Hall for coffee and light lunch at the ‘Daughters at Hall’ Café (in Hall of course).  The sun was out with a little broken cloud and we had a lovely large table with a similarly sized umbrella providing for a pleasant level of shade for all.

Great coffee and good food inter-mixed with lots of conversation (despite the strong choral background courtesy of local magpies) about cars, holidays, past and coming events and families.

Participants arrived via a mix of Triumphs and moderns together with Graham Brohan’s very nice Vanguard Sportsman.  Despite the obvious demand on the available parking space within the Village, all were suitably accommodated, perhaps an indirect benefit of the workings within the co-located blue/white Tardis (classic phone box).

In attendance were Rick and Diane Wade, Chris Doble and Jan Tink, Ian Lock, Graham Brohan, Mike Ford and Daryl Mouser.  This particular outing was of notable interest to me personally with a well- earned period of leave from the workplace coincident with the date allowing me to attend my very first ‘mid-week’ lunch.  Hooray, I must do this more often.

Thanks to Rick for the ongoing co-ordination.

By Daryl Mouser

Daughters at Hall - February 2022 - 1.jpg
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