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Mid-week Lunch Run – Olive View Cafe 27 April 2022

Light but steady rain greeted the mid week diners as we gathered at the Maca’s carpark at EPIC for a run to the Olive View Café on the Federal Highway just north of Collector.  The café overlooks the Fedra Olive Grove and has undergone several name and operator changes over the years.

In recent times I’ve gate-crashed the weekly gathering of the local Riley club that meets not far from our place in Kambah.  I’ve got to know a few of their members and took the liberty of inviting them on our lunch run to the Olive View Café.  We had a fine response, with Riley enthusiasts slightly outnumbering Triumph tragics on the day!

The rain had set in for the day but that did not deter Mike Ford in his open top TR3A.  Surprisingly the “aerodynamics” of the windscreen deflected the wet stuff and he was quite dry on arrival at the café.  A fine selection of British automobiles graced the carpark at the café.  Triumph marques comprised two Stags, a TR3A and a Herald.  Our Riley friends travelled in a Jaguar XJ6, a Mk 2 Jaguar and a nice Sunbeam Alpine.  I can vouch for the fact that they do own Rileys, but for quite valid reasons travelled in alternative British classics.  A few diners enjoyed the comfort of moderns.

We settled in for a most enjoyable lunch with much discussion between the menfolk on the attributes (and pitfalls!) of various British classics.  The new café operators offer a more extensive menu which was hard to fault – certainly worth a return visit.  It was great to meet with the Riley club members and their partners in a social setting and feedback indicates that they enjoyed the joint run.  Ian Thompson (Tomo) has advised that Triumph club members are very welcome at “Tomos Shed” on a Wednesday morning.  Give me a call if you are interested and I’ll let you know Tomo’s address.

By Rick Wade

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