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Mid-week Lunch Run - Gundaroo Inn - 30 May 2024

A fine selection of Triumphs and a very nice Sunbeam Alpine assembled in front of the
Gundaroo Inn following a leisurely run along the Federal Highway, the old highway, Shingle
Hill Way and Sutton Road to Gundaroo. For the record, the fleet of British classics
comprised a TR3, a TR3A, a TR5, a TR7, a Herald 13/60 convertible, two Stags, a Mk1 2.5PI saloon and a Sunbeam
The trip was quicker than anticipated, despite the leisurely pace pf the lead green Stag, and
there was time for a chat on things mechanical before the Inn’s mid-day opening time. After
we had settled in to our reserved table for lunch, we were greeted with the news of the
somewhat unexpected arrival of another lunch guest.
Some may recall that at our last club meeting, Grahame Kilby reported that he had spent time
applying his mechanic’s skills in the preparation of a 1920s Bean owned by Warren Brown.
The work was being undertaken in advance of a planned journey from London to Melbourne;
a re-enactment of a trip made some 100 years ago. Warren happened to be in Canberra with
his Bean during the week of the run and Grahame mentioned we had a club lunch run to
Gundaroo on Thursday. Lo and behold, Warren turned up with a co-driver in his Bean on his
way back to Goulburn.
As the accompanying photos will attest, Warren’s Bean is a magnificent example of early
British motoring design and engineering. Much of the preparatory work has been to improve
the reliability and driveability of the car. For example, I asked Grahame if it had a three-
speed crash gearbox typical of the period but was advised it now had a five speed Holden
gearbox! In addition, I noticed telescopic front shock absorbers had been added to augment
the original system of steel plates and leather washers.
After some time spent by the men folk inspecting and photographing the Bean, we settled in
once again for an enjoyable lunch in this classic old country pub, formerly Matt Crowes Wine
Bar. It was great to have our friends Ian and Bob from the Riley Car Club join us for
lunch and we look forward to future joint runs with fellow British car enthusiasts.

By Rick Wade

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