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Mid-week Lunch Run - Merino Café, Gunning - 27 July 2022

Minus 3 over-night then a fine sunny day with only a slight wind – a perfect day for a leisurely drive along country roads in a classic British sports car.  Well that was the setting for our July mid week lunch run to the popular Merino Café in Gunning.  The Triumph convoy comprised a TR3A, a TR4, a TR4A and two Stags.

An early start allowed for a coffee break at The Baker at Sutton.  Interestingly, the selection of Triumphs in the bakery carpark attracted the attention of a few other diners – presenting a fine opportunity to promote the marque.  Despite heavy rain earlier in the year, the road to Gunning was in good condition, thanks to obvious recent roadworks to address surface damage.

The cafe’s lamb burgers were the choice of several diners but many of us checked out other tasty options from the lunch menu.  It was hard not to follow up with one (or more) of the sweet treats prominently on display where customers place their orders – good marketing!

There were no mechanical dramas with the Triumph fleet but it should be noted that Graeme Howieson’s guest, Mick, was the previous owner/operator of Melba Motors Belconnen, a motoring business quite familiar with Triumph mechanicals.  I suggested that Mick become a permanent guest at our events – just in case!

Yet another opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow club members over lunch.

By Rick Wade

Merino Cafe - July 2022 - 1_edited.jpg
Merino Cafe - July 2022 - 5.jpg
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Merino Cafe - July 2022 - 4.jpg
Merino Cafe - July 2022 - 3_edited.jpg
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