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Run to the Terracotta Restaurant at Harden-Murrumburrah, NSW 
Thursday, 29 July 2021

Nine club members met in the Dinosaur Museum car park at Gold Creek on Thursday morning to proceed to the Terracotta Restaurant at Harden. This is one of the longest mid-week lunch runs that club members do. A convoy of 5 cars consisted of: Mike Ford - TR3A, Trevor & Betsy Lloyd – 2500 TC, Allan & Anne Caldwell -TR4A IRS, Jan Tink & Chris Doble - modern (almost modern) Mazda 3 and Rick & Diane Wade - very modern Subaru WRX.

The weather was very kind and presented excellent driving conditions. We were very lucky this time, if we had gone on the usual Wednesday we would have travelled in very heavy rain. Traffic along the Barton

Highway was very heavy. We had to negotiate quite a few roadworks resulting from the construction of the duplication of the Highway. Obviously there is a lot of work and traffic disruption ahead but at least it is a start.  We encountered a large number of B doubles either sitting right on or exceeding the speed limits. Funny thing optical illusions, at one point I thought Mike way ahead in his 3A was overtaking at great speed a B double loaded to the hilt with hay bales. However around the bend it was stationary on the verge of the highway.

The food at the cafe was excellent. The manager attending the table spoke with a very strong and beautiful sounding Irish brogue. He pointed out to us a sign on the wall that read no parking exempted Irish vehicles only. He suggested Triumph owners should pay double. This was too good an opportunity to miss so we told him a couple of Irish jokes.  We commented that the Irish Embassy in Canberra had the highest flag pole in the world.  Problem is you can't really see it because two thirds of it is underground. Another was; what is written on the wings of an Aer Lingus Plane?  This side up!

Finally, how do you confuse an Irishman? Offer him a shovel and fork and say “Take your pick”. His final retort was that the jokes were of such poor quality we all should pay double for our meal.

Jan purchased jars of jam which had been made by the manager's wife.

The restaurant had less tables more sparsely spaced on the wooden floor with a capacity of 20 people because of the 1.5 square metre rule. .It reached capacity as we were finishing up. The street had many shops that were vacant. A strange glimpse of the Covid 19 future with all of us having to wear masks while in NSW.

As we were leaving, Trevor struck up a conversation with a lady and gentleman seated at the next table. Such a small world they lived in Braidwood and knew some of Trevor's family or friends dating back to the 1950s.

All in all a great time was had by all.

By Chris Doble

Terracotta July 2021 1.jpg
Terracotta July 2021 2.jpg
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