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Breakfast BBQ Run to Murrays Corner  
Sunday, 27 June 2021

The day dawned fine and clear; luckily most weren’t up to see it. By 9.30 a crew of 20 club members and friends had arrived at the Weston start point. Triumphs present: 2500, 2000, Herald, TR4 and TR3a, and 6 moderns.

John McMaster was contacted and brought the provisions along with the BBQ trailer. The chosen location was Murrays Corner picnic area, about 5km south of the Cotter. On arrival after a pleasant drive, and after dodging the entry point's massive potholes, we found the creek causeway access locked. With the river in flood the lower picnic area was closed and so, putting the trailer alongside our cars we filled half of the carpark area.

Naturally as is usually the case, the newly purchased Byron 2500 came in for close scrutiny. The bonnet was opened, detailed discussion followed, and the car passed with flying colours.

The normal BBQ food and hot drinks were quickly consumed, thanks to the family Byron and friend for making the amount catered look accurate.

Before, during and after the meal, the entertainment was provided by Chris Doble and his amazing collapsible table re-construction competition.

In the end Ian Lock won the award for most complete construction. Donations for repair/replacement of the table will be gratefully received.

A great morning out in the sun for a change.

By Jack Gault

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