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Run to Gunning
Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!  I guess that could describe my attempt to arrange a mid week lunch run to “The Grabby Pub” in Grabben Gullen.  With just nine starters we were just shy of the ten threshold necessary for the pub to serve lunch on a Wednesday, so plan B (lunch at the Merino Café in Gunning) kicked in.  A clash with the RAAF’s 100th anniversary flypast was not on the radar when the run was first planned and a few diners decided to observe this event, reducing our number to five.

We met at the MACA’s carpark at the published time of 10.30am for a leisurely departure.  The RAAF flypast was getting underway before we departed and we observed several formations of jet aircraft circling in preparation for the event.  Given the time available, it was agreed we take a coffee break at Sutton.

On arrival at “The Baker at Sutton” it was clear we’d be sharing the venue with other car enthusiasts with around a dozen Bentleys and Rolls Royces gracing the carpark.  The coffee was fine except that one unnamed member of our group managed to knock over his half full coffee cup.   Fortunately, the staff were obviously well prepared and a mop and bucket soon appeared.  Time to depart!

After an uneventful run to Gunning we settled in to a relaxed lunch and chat at the popular Merino Café.  The street was busy with several people with cameras and one young lady asked if she could take our photo while we dined.  I agreed, provided she take a photo of our group with my camera.  I later discovered they were photography students from CIT on a field trip.

Despite the small number of diners and only two Triumphs, it was an enjoyable mid week outing.

By Rick Wade

Merino Cafe - March 2021 - 1.jpg
Merino Cafe - March 2021 - 2.jpg
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