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Run to Michelago General Store Café
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

It is Wednesday, the last of the Month, time for the mid-week lunch run. This month’s target is the Michelago General Store and Café in beautiful downtown Michelago.

We had tried and liked the store last year under tighter Covid restrictions and were pleasantly surprised then so a return trip was planned.

There were 16 participants altogether, both members and friends travelling in both Triumphs and moderns. No travelling incidents reported there and back but there were a couple of under bonnet discussions at the venue.

The food at the General Store Café is good quality basic traveller’s meals with a number of splashes of innovation such as the Tinderry burger made with two eggs and plenty of bacon. You could have a BLT or a BLAT with smashed avocado added.

A number of Tradies working in the area dropped by for a spot of lunch; very handy for them to have such good quality coffee and café food available out of town. Milk shakes seemed popular with good reports as well as a range of sweet temptations that looked very healthy. 

General store merchandise is arranged around the walls on “bookshelves” giving it a very friendly library atmosphere, good for browsing. The “wine cellar” is similarly arranged and stocks an extended range of liquid refreshments no doubt to satisfy the discerning tastes of the local hobby farmers.

Participants and their trusty steeds were:

  • Rick Wade (Stag)

  • Diane Wade (Stag)

  • Allan Caldwell (Stag)

  • Grahame Kilby (Herald)

  • Mike Ford (TR3A)

  • Graeme Howieson (Stag)

  • Peter Leeson (Stag)

  • Frank Maatouk (Dolomite Sprint)

  • Trevor Lloyd (2500 TC)

  • Betsy Lloyd (2500 TC)

  • Chris Doble (Ford)

  • Jan Tink (Ford) 

  • Noel Karppinen (Modern)

  • Heather Karppinen (Modern)

  • Val McGrath (Modern)

  • Lothar Reiss (Modern)

By Graeme Howieson

Michelago May 2021 - 1.jpg
Michelago May 2021 - 2.jpg
Michelago May 2021 - 3.jpg
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