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Run to Tarago with MG Car Club
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Rain was threatening as the Triumph and MG Car Clubs assembled in the Supercheap Auto carpark in Queanbeyan for a joint run to the Loaded Dog Hotel in Tarago.  A few additional MG Car Club members joined the convoy at Bungendore as we encountered more rain and deteriorating road conditions.  A few of the potholes were deep enough to destroy tyres or maybe even front suspensions!  The drive was made even more adventurous by the number of gravel trucks with dog trailers heading in the opposite direction.

Despite the relatively small Triumph car club contingent, I can report that Triumphs outnumbered MGs 3 to 2!  Most of the MG club members chose to drive moderns in light of the forecast wet weather.  Chris Doble and Jan Tink elected to travel in Chris’ classic Falcon for its first run after fitting a reconditioned engine.  Fortunately, all went well with no mechanical dramas.

After negotiating a rather zealous Covid 19 conscious manager at the pub entrance door, we settled in to an enjoyable lunch in the old brick and stone walled dining rooms warmed by open fires.  We were seated around smaller tables than usual and deliberately mixed with the MG fraternity, making for some interesting get-to-know-you conversation.  The Wades and Mike Ford shared a table with Peter Dalton (MG Club president) and his wife Hela who just happen to be neighbours of ours.  Much of the conversation involved reminiscing on life in Kambah in the early 1980s.

Despite the poor weather, it was an enjoyable lunch outing with our MG friends.  Thanks to Graeme and Jo Corbett for organising the event.

By Rick Wade

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